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Academic counseling and guidance

Training and acquiring skills

Holding an exam and obtaining a valid degree

✦ Notes :

There are two ways for those who, for whatever reason, were unable to obtain their diploma in the first (daily) turn:

Go to second grade schools (adults) and take all your courses at school (Ministry of Education) and get your diploma. They can go to free technical-vocational schools or guidance centers and take the relevant courses in these centers, get their desired skills, then go to adult schools and apply these skills as a course and pass their general diploma courses. Receive.

People who do not end military service

If you do not register at the school, you will be recognized as dropout and will be absent from the system! Because 'only schools (Ministry of Education) are allowed to apply for and grant educational exemptions', not schools (Ministry of Labor - Technical and Vocational Organization, Ministry of Guidance, Agricultural Jihad, etc.).
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High school

According to the decision of the educational system in Iran, high school is divided into two parts, the first secondary school and the second secondary school, which students enter after passing the primary school.

This section, which is part of the second high school course, is known as the theoretical branch, which is divided into four sections: “Experimental Sciences”, “Mathematics and Physics”, “Humanities” and “Islamic Sciences and Education”. It will be given. At the end of this course, the certificate of completion of the second high school (equivalent to a diploma) is awarded to the students.

school of Art

Students can enter high school after the end of the ninth year of high school if they wish to acquire technical or artistic skills. The conservatory is a 3-year course in art and technology and has more than 100 different disciplines.

Those who complete vocational school courses can take the associate’s degree (postgraduate) without taking the pre-university course. Since 2017, the associate’s degree has been continuously eliminated in higher education institutions, and instead, alternative courses are taken at the university. In practice, entrance exams in some fields do not play a role in student admission, and those who are interested in their first choice are accepted based on their academic records. Concours has not been held in some disciplines, such as “building”, for several years. If you wish, it is possible to continue your education at higher levels.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a programmed learning in which learning and learning usually take place in separate environments. For this reason, distance learning requires communication and institutional technologies to design and plan education. Distance learning focuses only on the learner’s needs for the relationship with the teacher, while distance learning should involve both parties, the teacher and the learner. Distance learning is different from e-learning. In fact , e-learning is one of the sub-fields of distance education, in which the teacher-learner relationship is limited to Internet technology. In distance learning, teacher-learner communication can be through correspondence, radio, television, telephone, video conferencing or the Internet and social networks.